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I now trust Jesus to forgive my sins. I invite Him into my life as my Savior and Lord.

Thank You for receiving me into Your eternal family. God promises to never leave you.

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God has forgiven all of your sins, past, present, and future. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. God has given you His Spirit to enable you to live in a way that pleases Him. If you have accepted Christ or are still exploring what that means, we strongly encourage you to connect with a church in your community where you can find answers, community, friendship, and support. We would also like to offer answers, community, friendship, and support through Our Daily Bread, one of the most widely read and trusted daily devotionals. Our Daily Bread is free and a great way to connect with God and the Bible every day.

Sign up to start receiving Our Daily Bread mailed directly to you or get it online at odb. We also encourage you to join the community on Facebook for daily encouragement and Bible study with other Christ followers around the world.

Love God. Love Others. Sign In. God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. Our relationship with God has been broken by sin.

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This means that the things he uses to describe himself are neither identical with him, nor utterly different from him. He is a rock, for example, not because he is made of stone. When he says "rock" of himself, we are not to map all the rockiness of a rock onto him point-for-point. But nor are we to think that he is he entirely unrocky, discontinuous in every way with rocks.

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When he says that he is a rock he means some of what we mean when we say that a rock is a rock: he is not made of stone, but he is solid and reliable. How is it possible for created things to image God for us like this? It is possible precisely because he created them. It is as if his fingerprints are left on the things he has made, so that each of them contains a pale reflection of some of his divine attributes.

Our fallen minds cannot piece together a picture of God from what he has made—indeed we suppress his natural revelation—but in his inspired Word he himself can use those things to describe himself, and then he can illuminate our minds to understand and believe those descriptions. A pressing question then arises: how do we know which aspects of each picture that God draws of himself we are to apply to him and which we are not? How do we know that we are not to infer that his love might ebb and flow as human love can, even that it might fail?

What does the Bible say about love?

This may seem obvious to us, but that is only because we have to some extent already learned how to read the Bible properly. What, when we stop and think about it, is the reason that we do not infer this? The reason is that other ways in which God describes himself prevent us doing so—for example, his repeated self-description as a covenant-keeping God who makes solemn oaths to his people. The Bible is a self-interpreting book: what it says in one part shows us how we are to read another part. Its many pictures of God form a self-interpreting mesh of images.

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  • And that includes its pictures of his love. This comes out very clearly when someone says something like, "If I were a God of love then I. When we do this God becomes in effect just a massive projection of our own selves, a shadow cast onto a screen behind us with all of our own features magnified and exaggerated. Whereas it may be immediately obvious to us that God will not decide to stop loving us, for some reason it is less obvious that his love is different from our love in other ways, such as in being self-sufficient, sovereign, unchanging, all-knowing, just, and passionless yes, rightly understood.

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