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Both men weep as Henry helplessly holds the body up. How am I supposed to protect them?!

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As a father, I joined them in tearing up over the senseless loss of a young life. The latter would have disappointed me—it would have been too out of character. See also : Longmire 5. David lives in New York with his wife and daughter. Bighorn is the same helicopter company that killed over 1, wolves in Alberta between and in what was later shown to be an ineffective strategy to stabilize caribou numbers.

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In February , the Wildlife Defence League launched a pressure campaign on Facebook to try and get Bighorn to end their participation in the cull. These forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate from logging, mining, oil and gas exploration, and recreational activities, which wildlife advocates see as the root cause of caribou population decline. Admittedly, there is a slim chance the mountain caribou herds will successfully recover to pre-industrial numbers.

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As Krista Roessingh of the nonprofit Pacific Wild explains, habitat fragmentation and destruction is just part of the problem. In some regions of British Columbia, such as the South Selkirk, a herd of just 12 to 18 caribou remain, which is too small to be a self-sustaining number.

Want to avoid toxic haze? Start supporting frontline campaigns. Fiona McAlpine. Matt Miles.

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State leaders, environmental groups prepare to challenge decision in court. Henry Standing Bear Cassidy Freeman Cady Longmire Adam Bartley The Ferg Zahn McClarnon Officer Mathias Louanne Stephens Ruby Scott Michael Campbell Weston Louis Herthum Omar Debra Christofferson Pyper Callans Eric Ladin Sawyer Crane David Burke Dan Keslow Patch Darragh Dave Milgrom Chris Conner Ted 'Pinkie' Sarton Peter Jason Certificate: Not Rated.

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Runtime: 61 min. Edit Did You Know? Trivia [ All trivia items for this title are spoilers.

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  • Goofs When he cut the boy down from the tree, the rope was cut close to the limb. Later they show the rope swaying in the wind a lot longer. Quotes Officer Mathias : The children look at their lives and see no future.


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